Canadian and Permanent Resident

2016/17 Internships to India and Commonwealth countries in Africa

Funding is available to Canadian students to do paid internships in India and Commonwealth countries in Africa. QES internships are only open to Canadian citizens or permanent residents who are under 35 years of age at the time of application and enrolled in the undergraduate co-op program or the graduate Masters of International Forestry (MIF) program at UBC Forestry.

These internships are no less than three months in length. A maximum of three internships will be awarded each year.

The scholarship provides funds of up to C$5,600 (including C$1000 UBC Go Global award for eligible students), to support travel and living expenses, as well as a monthly stipend. Students wishing to apply for internships must do so through the UBC Forestry co-op coordinator (undergraduate co-op students) or through the MIF program coordinator (MIF students). No separate application is required and all eligible applicants will be considered for the award.

Applications for the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship-funded internships for undergrad co-op students are due January 16, 2017 . Applications for the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship-funded internships for MIF students are due March 30, 2017. Questions should be sent to Gayle Kosh.

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Partner Organizations

We encourage (but do not require) that activities be carried out in cooperation with a partner organization that can help with logistics, safety, etc. abroad. Preference will be given to projects partnering with our QES partners: